About me

574737_3799679833329_1414274833_nI’m Sofia Yotova or just Sophie. This is the place where my biggest passions collide, or rather come together to form a symbiotic chronicle of my most cherished experiences and endeavors.

I deeply love writing and I abuse my skills to the point of trying to immortalize quite expressively and in painful detail the milestones in my life. Or just some random day-to-day stuff that seems worthy.

Also, I hold a double major in Journalism and Business Administration, which has led to a significant and diverse body of work, which could end up benefitting someone who’s heading down a similar educational path.

In any case, I know I tend to walk down memory lane, which my friends claim is really detrimental to me. However, I am always humbled when my stories and passion for being vivid and thorough in my descriptions get through to the people around me and infect them with enthusiasm and desire to follow in my footsteps  🙂

So this is my place for all that.


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